Level Of Tapper Welfare and Tapper Availability in Indonesia Rubber Enterprises

  • Erwin Pane


Along with the economic growth invarious industrial sectors, tappers availability factor has become aproblem for rubber enterprises. This research aimed to study the issue shortage in rubber enterprises. There search was conducted through a survey method with two categories of companies, namely the company whose plantations are located far away from the town or provincial capital (PB A) and the company whore plantations are located far away from the town or prinvincial capital (PB B). Sample was selectedon purpose (purpossive sampling) according to the company category with 5-20% of population of tapper from each company as the respondents. The results showed that the rate of labor turnover in the plantation PB B (located close to the town) was higher compared with the plantation PBA (located far from the town). The working period of the tappers in the plantation PB B was shorter that of the plantation PB A (3,4-4 years and 8-14 years, respectively). Based on the indicators of asset ownership, level of children education, and income of the tapper’s family, it could be cancluded that the welfare level in the PB A war better than that of PB B. The issue of tappers shortage was not relevant to the plantations located close to the town (PB A), but it was considered as a relevant problem felt by the plantations located far from the town (PB B). Effort made by the plantation managers to solve this shortage was to open up opportunities for family members to work as a tapper in the same plantation. This included female workers, most of them were wives of the tappers.

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