Use of Edmodo In Improving Self-Efficacy

  • Andy Sapta


Utilizing virtual learning environments as a supplementary tool for motivating and empowering independent learning and innovative teaching is becoming a crucial part of a 21st century education. Edmodo is one example of social learning site which is now being used by professors and student in many instutitions of higher learning. The purpose of this research is to know the use of edmodo in improving student self-efficacy in learning this research focuses on the effectiveness from student perspective of the use of edmodo as a complementary tool in improving student self-efficacy. The population of this study is the initial semester student STMIK royal kisaran which amounted to 354 people. The sample was obtained by using cluster random samoling method. The psychological approaches target the “software”, learned faultly behaviors and habits along with demaging words, thoughts, intrepretationsand feeback that direct strategics for daily living in this research, 35 students voluntarily participated in the focus group discussion

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